For a small business going for the paid e-commerce website builders is a challenge. As you know, your ultimate goal is to experience growth at the least possible expenses. Cost efficiency is at the heart of your daily decisions. However, the current digital-driven market is not empathetic to any person ignoring online presence.

In this essence, there is no option other than switching to the available free e-commerce website creators. Already you have heard about their reliability from peers and fellow online entrepreneurs. So, you are on your way to subscribing to the idea that will see you toping others in your niche. Before celebrating this discovery, you need to be aware of the following facts:

• You will enjoy the best customer support

There is always a tainted image of free things. Certainly, people associate them with anything negative. Poor services, low support, unreliable, and wastage of time. Surprisingly, these issues do not form the reality when it comes to free e-commerce website builders. If you dream of the best support and reliable customer service in your online store, here is the place to find it.

Most companies offering the free builders are on a marketing mission. Their goal is to give a taste of their services to customers to woo them to upgrade to the paid option. For this reason, they will offer you the best customer support services. Your queries and issues will find a solution within minutes not even hours. You will get the first opportunity to test new features. Count them. Anything good you might need will be availed to you in the free option. 

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• You have to brand their platform unwillingly

Apart from enjoying the above-stated gains, here comes the negative side. Free e-commerce website builders offer you a second-class domain. This means that your website carries the name of the platform. It is not a stand-alone. In this essence, it becomes hard to market your online store without branding your host. Such a relationship might be for their benefit than enhancing your sales.

Also, if the customer has a negative perception on the platform, carrying their name along makes them think your store is a sub-branch of the same. Hence, regardless of your offers, making a sale will be the hardest task. Nevertheless, if the perception is positive, you will benefit from the same. So, it is essential to consider the platforms reputation before saying “I do” to their services.

• Limited storage and bandwidth is a reality

The reason you opted for the free e-commerce website builders is your inability to raise cash for paid options. Thus, you must work within the constraints of the free service. One of these constraints is limited storage. Unlike paid options where you have the whole disc to upload your files, these options offer you a storage space of 500MB and bandwidth of 1GB. Thus, it is hard to upload large files or images. As such, it can be a challenge to you when your main objective is to use visuals in promoting your services.

• Restricted optimization

Even though you can get a wooing template, it is always advisable to be unique. Thus, you need to customize your theme to align with your brand voice. However, some free e-commerce website builders such as Wix do not allow you to customize your template. Hence, it becomes tricky for your customers to distinguish you from your competitors particularly when you are using the same layout and features. However, the platforms are a good way to join the online arena. Remember, your business is in the growth stage. So, you can upgrade the plan in few days or months.

And those are the facts about free e-commerce website builders.

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