The Most Popular Payment Gateways Available On Magento Free E-commerce Website Builders

Payment Gateway is a must-have for any e-commerce website. Payment Gateways facilitate the payment of products and services chosen by customers, and receipt of payment by the business owner. It’s a good idea to integrate multiple payment gateways in your e-commerce website so that almost all customers’ payment needs are taken care of. Having multiple payment gateways will also boost your sales. With that in mind, here are the common payment gateways integrated with Magento free e-commerce website builder:

Magento online store builder free integrates with PayPal

PayPal is the best third-party payment gateway out there. The good thing about PayPal is that it’s available globally, which means anyone from any country can buy from you when you build your e-commerce store using Magento. Plus, it’s effortless to open one. You only need an email address to create a PayPal account. Regarding security, PayPal offers the best encryption, plus around-the-clock monitoring: not to mention that Paypal has the lowest transaction fees for all third party payment gateways.

Magento free e-commerce website builder integrates with credit cards

Credit card is the most popular payment option out there. Luckily, Magento offers customers the ability to pay with credit cards. Magento has a secure checkout system that prevents customers’ financial data from being stolen.

Magento free e-commerce website builder accepts Braintree

Braintree is a payment Gateway owned by PayPal. The fact that it’s owned by PayPal, the world’s most popular third-party payment option, means that it comes with top-notch security. Therefore, customers are assured that any hacker won’t steal their information.

Magento online store builder free integrates with is a well-known and trusted payment gateway that has been around for many years. With, customers can pay for their products or services through PayPal, Credit Card, Apple PayPal, e-check, and Visa Checkout. features a free anti-fraud protection suite, including other security safeguards, such as CVV and address verification. However, for e-commerce businesses to use, they must be based in the U.S, Canada, Australia or Europe.

Magento free e-commerce website builder accepts Amazon Payments

This payment Gateway enables customers to pay for products and services through their Amazon accounts.  The good thing about Amazon Payments is that it’s fast. Therefore, it massively reduces checkout time and comes with low transaction fees.


There many other payment gateways that you can integrate with Magento free e-commerce website builder. But these are the most commonly used according to Magento. So if you’re target audience is using these payment gateways, it’s safe to create your e-commerce store with Magento.