How to Create an E-commerce Website with Wix Free Ecommerce Website Builder

Creating E-commerce websites is easy and takes the shortest time these days because of availability of free e-commerce website builders. Businesspeople, bloggers, and other individuals can create their ecommerce websites, while at the same time enjoying services, such as SEO. Wix is one of the most known free e-commerce website builders that allows you to create your e-commerce website quickly and start selling. In this article, let’s focus on how to create a free e-commerce website with Wix.Create your own account on Wix online store builder free

You need an e-mail address and a password to create an account on Wix Free e-commerce website builder. Once you’ve created an account, you can move on to building your e-commerce website.

Choose a template from the options available on the Wix free e-commerce website builder

Wix free e-commerce website builder comes with more than 30 templates to choose from. Take the time to select a template that reflects the needs and goals of your business. Once you get the right template, you can edit and customize it to your liking. Part of the editing process will include editing the text in the template.

Save the Wix free e-commerce website builder template

Once you’ve customized the template, you can save it by clicking the publish button. The good thing about Wix e-commerce templates is that they are search engine friendly and responsive. That means they have all the characteristics to make your e-commerce website pop.

Add content to your website created with online store builder free

E-commerce website content includes images, videos, and text. Once you’ve saved your theme, you can start creating and adding content. Content is the most critical element of your e-commerce website, so you must dedicate the time and effort in creating it. Make sure the images are high resolution, your videos must be high-quality and compelling and your product descriptions clear, brief and comprehensive.

Managing the free Wix free e-commerce website builder account

The good thing about Wix is that you can create multiple e-commerce websites on it and manage them from your dashboard. You can change anything that doesn’t look okay on the dashboard.


Although Wix makes it easy for you to create an e-commerce website, attracting and retaining customers on your e-commerce website is not easy. That’s why you must be up to date with the latest information regarding the products and services you offer and offer informative descriptions about your products to stay on top of the e-commerce game.