The 5 Cons of Using Magento Free E-commerce Website Builder to Create Your E-commerce Website

If you’re a new startup and want to create an e-commerce website without burning money, Magento is an excellent choice. Apart from being a robust e-commerce website builder, Magento is trendy. However, even with its many advantages, Magento comes with its fair share of downsides, which we are going to discuss today.

Magento free e-commerce website builder doesn’t come with the best customer service and support

Well, we all know that anything free doesn’t offer quality services. The same is correct about Magento free online store builder free. You won’t get the kind of customer service and support you would get when using a paid plan. Remember that when running an e-commerce website, customer service and support is crucial to the success of your business. If you can’t offer the best customer service, then don’t expect customers to buy from you.

With the Magento online store builder free, you won’t benefit from the large community of developers

With the paid Magento plan, you get access to a large community of developers who can help with your e-commerce website issue at a moment’s notice. With a free Magento plan, you don’t get access to that community.

Magento free e-commerce website builder is hard to understand

Magento is a very complex e-commerce website builder that a new and novice e-commerce website owner may take much longer to get the hang of it. The platform needs full attention and agile mind to get the hang of it. And if you decide to look for a developer on the platform, you’ll find that they’re pretty expensive. 

When migrating from Magento free e-commerce website builder, you’ll have to pay a lot of money for the enterprise edition

While Magento allows you to create an online store free, you’ll pay a premium amount when migrating to the enterprise edition, which you’ll be required to pay for the full year. And even with the hefty subscription fee, the customer support won’t be up to scratch.

It’s time-consuming and energy-draining to develop the Magento free e-commerce website builder

While many praise Magento for its flexibility, its time-consuming and energy-draining to create your e-commerce website with it when compared to other free e-commerce website builders.


Well, while Magento free e-commerce website builder comes with its downsides, it has a lot of benefits to anybody who wants to create a free e-commerce website. But it’s a good idea to know its downsides so that you can make the right decision.